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Journey Into Serenity:
Exploring the Enchanting Wilderness of BR Hills

As you navigate the winding country roads, they lead you to one of the most captivating landscapes nestled within the Western Ghats. Here, amidst the enchanting stillness, lies Karnataka’s Wildlife Sanctuary, situated at B.R. Hills near Mysore, also known as the Biligiri Rangana Hills.

The BR Hills range encompasses a precious convergence of the Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats, creating a sanctuary that harbours ecosystems unique to both mountain ranges. This ecological bridge plays a vital role in providing a safe corridor for wildlife, facilitating connectivity across these two major bio-geographical realms. Recognizing its significance, the BRT Wildlife Sanctuary was declared as a Tiger Reserve in 2011 by the government of Karnataka under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.

As you immerse yourself in the tranquil mountains, engaging in silent conversations with the sky-piercing tree peaks, the incessant chirping of birds and the refreshing breeze gently bring you back to your senses. Wrapped in the misty countryside breeze, these rolling hills are home to the Soliga tribes. Amidst this pristine splendour, one naturally feels compelled to shed the noise and chaos of urban life, embracing the serenity and simplicity of nature.



Your Gateway to Nature’s Serene Haven



From Nature’s Embrace to Serene Rejuvenation


Environmental Education

Nurturing Understanding, Inspiring Action


Vivekananda Girijana Kalyana Kendra (VGKK) serves as an extended family to the Soliga community residing in the BR Hills. Founded in 1981 by Dr. H. Sudarshan, a Right Livelihood Awardee and Padma Shri recipient, whose inspiration stems from the teachings of Swami Vivekananda.

VGKK is dedicated to the holistic and sustainable development of the Soliga tribal communities, employing rights-based approaches across health, education, livelihood security, and biodiversity conservation efforts. The organization’s ethos lies in empowering the tribal community through education and livelihood opportunities, fostering self-reliance, while preserving their rich traditions and coexistence with the environment.

Through its unwavering dedication and holistic approach, VGKK continues to be a catalyst for positive change, embodying the timeless ideals of compassion, empowerment, and sustainability.


Established in 1986 and affiliated with VGKK, Karuna Trust emerged with a mission to extend its services beyond the confines of BR Hills, particularly addressing the pressing issue of leprosy in the Yelandur Taluk. With a dedicated focus on disease control, Karuna Trust achieved remarkable success, drastically reducing the incidence of leprosy from 21.4 cases per 1,000 people to less than 0.28, ultimately eliminating it altogether.

Karuna Trust’s impactful reach extends to over 1.5 million individuals across seven states in India, facilitated by its operation of 70 Primary Health Centres. Through strategic Public-Private Partnerships, the organization ensures access to quality healthcare for marginalized populations. This widespread presence underscores Karuna Trust’s steadfast commitment to promoting health equity and serving communities in need.


The Soliga community, indigenous to BR Hills region, boasts a cultural legacy deeply intertwined with their forest habitat. Traditionally, the Soliga people sustained themselves through hunting, gathering, and small-scale swidden agriculture, their way of life intricately woven into the rhythms of the forest. However, the declaration of wildlife sanctuaries in 1974 disrupted their traditional lifestyle, pushing them into settled hamlets called podus and challenging their livelihoods and cultural identity. Despite these challenges, they showed resilience and advocated for recognition of their rights under the Forest Rights Act, eventually reclaiming some autonomy over their ancestral lands.

The Soliga community stands as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of indigenous peoples, as they navigate the challenges of modernization while striving to maintain their cultural identity and connection to their ancestral lands.


Raksha N

“Happy to know major chunk of profit is planned towards upliftment of Soliga tribe and also good to know the staff mostly are from the local community. The resort is well maintained and has a class feeling at the same time is very indigenous.”

Varshitha Eshwarappa

“The stays was very pleasant. Well maintained property. Good food, very helpful staff. If you are looking for weekend getaway with your family/ friends then it’s a must visit.🤩🤍”

Sai Ram

“Very pleasant stay. Location is too good for a good relaxing getaway. Food is good and staff provide flexibility as well. Overall great stay”

Nishit Kumar Madia

“Rooms were neat and clean If you enjoy a place of solitude then this place is definitely for you , very good food and overall services – the kid also enjoyed a lot . Recommended any given day .”

Namratha T H

“The beautiful stay with good food served all 3 times. Tribal dance was amazing got a chance to experience that beautiful tribal culture. Safari is not offered by them but explored rest for the things . It’s really a breathtaking experience”

Arun Pai

“The resort is excellent for a quick getaway from Bangalore. Just 170 km away, we happened to be there around 6 years ago and from that time to now the resort has changed a lot. Food is awesome and taste is same as 6 year ago. Service could be better and also have some kids activities.”

Sreeja S

“Went for a quick weekend getaway. Its a well maintained & comfortable space – peaceful and beautiful away from the noise. They have all the basics right. They provide home like food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We couldn’t see the local dance as there was some death that time. Dont expect wifi or other tech facilities. Its run by the local villagers and the income is donated to the under-privileged there as well (is what we were told by the caretaker). We had a really great time there with our toddler.”

Amit Misra

“Everything about this property says – relax in the midst of nature. We visited for one day and stayed in the tree house. Oh, what an experience!!! The natural and light breeze in the cottage will make want to stay here more (esp if you are coming from a city like Bangalore). Food is simple and tasty with enough options for non vegetarians. The spa was good. All in all a weekend well spent.”

Mayanka Sharan

“Stayed here for 2 nights and it was just fabulous!! The cottages are so well maintained & they open to lush green areas !! Wake up to chirping of birds with beautiful view!! The ayurvedic massage was well too good !! Very well trained staff did n I actually felt so good after the sessions! Amazing homely food will be served!! The taste was nice!! Near by places are there to visit too!! Had a great stay!!”

Ramesh Rao

“We spent 5 days & 4 nights at GORUKANA & had a great time. Even managed optimized on line conferences with our teams back home. We look forward to return again to more joyful experience. Full marks to Team GORUKANA”

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Choosing to stay with Gorukana means a positive impact on social change for the Soliga community.

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Vivek Karuna Foundation
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Near JSS College, Mysore,
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